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Analogy Finder is now available. Click here.

Enter a goal like “reduce vibrations” and Analogy Finder searches through the entire U.S. Patent database for all patents that achieve that goal. It does not matter what words a patent uses to describe what they do (e.g., lessen vibrations, diminish oscillations), Analogy Finder will still find it.

Pay as you go. $100 for a 48-hour license. You can tag your favorite patents and save your results for when the 48 hours expires.

Check out a demo first to see what Analogy Finder can do for you. Click here.

Innovation Accelerator (IA) brings science to the art of innovation. IA makes the accidental discovery more predictable.

IA is based on a human-machine synergism in which the machine complements human weaknesses to being innovative while the human returns the favor for the machine.  This represents a fundamental new way of thinking about innovation and replaces the mostly failed Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques from the 1980’s that were unable to get machines to be innovative by themselves.