Analogy Finder

Analogy Finder provides an innovative way to find related, adaptable ideas to your problem in the U.S. Patent DB.Click Here to download the brochure.

Patent Finder

Introducing Patent Finder! Leveraging our expertise in searching the US Patent database using 
our semantic search capability, we have enhanced our application to search and optimize for 
multiple claim interrogation.


Brainstorming does not work because of talking. Extroverts dominate introverts and sharing one at a time is terribly inefficient. Brainswarming has people work silently in parallel by placing post-it notes on special problem solving diagrams.

Innovation Kaizen

The Innovation Kaizen process flushes out the top down network of goals and the bottom up interaction of objects that uncover the obscure aspects of the problem that leads to novel innovative solution. Click Here to download the brochure.