Analogy Finder

Analogy Finder is a novel software platform using patent pending technology for conducting analogous search that moves beyond basic keyword search to support the science, engineering, and legal fields.   

Innovation Accelerator's patent pending technology is based on the observation that as much as 90% of new innovations are really adaptations of existing solutions.

Our interactive, natural language software platform requires no specialized training and gives the users a way to quickly visualize the problem and then construct analogous search combinations to explore potential adaptable solutions buried in ‘big data’ (US Patent, corporate, academic, government) that keyword search tools miss.

Users can quickly construct analogous search combinations and evaluate, qualify, and refine the results to find novel adaptable solutions to today’s business problems.


  • Increases the diversity, uniqueness, quantity and quality of innovative ideas
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Works with Geographically dispersed teams