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Innovation Accelerator

BrainSwarming is a problem solving application used for faster and more effective innovation.   

It provides an online, real-time, multi-user, interactive environment for teams working remotely to solve tough business problems.

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About Us

95% of problems are solved by adapting existing technologies to your problem.

Dr. Tony McCaffrey, co-founder, brings a unique skillset and perspective to problem solving based on his expertise in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology.

He has been a life long problem solver.  Combining his knowledge of the power and limitations of human creativity and problem solving with his understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of computer-based problem solving, Tony created BrainSwarming to maximize the value of each.

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"Adults seem to need a lot of technology to think like a child again."


We leverage AI, Swarm Intelligence and Cognitive Psychology to help you find innovative solutions to business problems.     

We used BrainSwarming to come up with a way to save everyone on the Titanic!  Read about our solution in HBR.

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Featured in HBR

We are discovering that barriers to innovation are like gravity - pervasive, predictable, and not all that strong.  (Dec, 2015)

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Dr. McCaffrey talks about his approach to Human-Machine Collaboration.

 (Jan, 2017)

The 'BrainSwarming' Process. The ultimate handbook on how to add BrainSwarming to your innovation process.  Available on AMAZON.  (Jul, 2018)

Using BrainSwarming to identify innovative ideas to solve a real life problem. HBR.  (Mar, 2014)

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