In a matter of seconds you can strategically search through the entire US patent database with this innovative product. Find related (i.e., analogous) solutions to the problems you face. The displayed results are not limited to one industry, instead using our unique algorithm the patents displayed are synonymous with the words you input.

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Brainstorming does not work because of talking. Extroverts dominate introverts and sharing one at a time is terribly inefficient. Brainswarming has people work silently in parallel by placing post-it notes on special problem solving diagrams. The result is more ideas--up to 115 ideas in 15 minutes as opposed to maybe 100 ideas an hour for brainstorming. Another result is more diverse ideas--since the quiet people are not dominated by the talkative ones.

DIfferent graphs are required for different types of problems. Learn the process and which graph works for which problems. Contact us for a guided Brainswarm.

Bringing Science to the Art of Innovation

We are creating patent pending innovation software tools that help engineers and lawyers bring novel product enhancements to market faster.

Most corporate leaders say product innovation is a top priority for driving bottom line growth. But today, engineers are relying on a hit or miss strategy to come up with diverse new products. Our software is based on research conducted by Dr. Anthony McCaffrey (UMass Amherst, NSF Grants) to help Engineers and Lawyers identify novel new product ideas using patented analogous search techniques to create new products and drive new revenue.

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Brainswarming wins 3rd place as an educational game wanted a low-cost or no-cost educational game that could be used in any classroom in the world--no matter how poor the area. They sponsored a contest looking for these games.

We adapted our new group problem-solving process, Brainswarming, so that teams could compete and individuals received points for their contributions. Brainswarming is much more effective than brainstorming as participants place post-it notes on a special graph that becomes connected when the problem is solved.

The judges of the contest thought that Brainswarming was both educational, as it helped children learn to problem solve in groups, and fun, as it rewarded contributions that led to the solution. The awarded Brainswarming 3rd place.

Check out the contest and its winners: